Benefits Of The Day Trip Vs. Liveaboard

Komodo Resort is located on Sebayur Island, one houris boat journey from your Dragon Excursion. Thankyou very much... We did each day of diving to review the jump heart and find a very well-organized, professional team of dive pros and staff, so happy out to find a plunge center jogging so effectively in most elements... Great !! that is management! Pink Beach, which overlooks an Indonesian ocean that is wonderful, is really a 1.5- hour boat trip away.

We are also dealingofficial scuba equipment of Beuchat (German diving equipment) and our dive heart comes with the high-class of BEUCHAT equipmentis for enjoying among the many gorgeous scubadiving place in the Entire World: The Komodo National Park. We offer accommodation for visiting Komodo and Flores area and giving you a complete diving in komodo island offer for an incredible stay for scubadiving. There's large fishes tracking steps, an incredible and large number of amazing, fishes and untouched coral reefs, and pelagic fishes at virtually every dive sites round the National park will make your dives amazing. With Dragon Komodo, you'll be capable of meet them year round to enjoy their ballroom.

We also supply land visits to caves, falls in stunning Flores, Indonesia and mix our diving outings using a dragon wandering adventure on Rinca area. My partner and I used per week in the Komodo Resort and leap center in March 2013, bungalow #5 with A/D (A/H costs extra, but we recommend it). We did three dives a day for your first five nights and after that mixed diving and Komodo Dragon viewing (extremely advantageous) on the last time. As a way to have the capacity to put a deposit down also, people shouldn't need to pay a supplementary cost into a lodge.